Friday, January 20, 2017

10x10 challenge - day 8

Tuesday was an incredibly busy day, in which I thought I would go running, so I wore workout clothes all day and never actually got around to either running or putting on real clothes.  Day 8 was then put off until Wednesday, where I worked from home and met up with friends in the evening.

Outfit Details:
Calvin Klein brown wrap sweater (old/thrifted), Madewell jeans (new/thrifted), J.Crew black cami (new/online), Superga sneakers (old/online?)

Initial Thoughts:
Not my favorite, but it was an experiment, so I was ok with it.  I probably will not be repeating this one.  I think if I would have worn my black pants it would have visually looked better, instead of the multiple break points.  This is a lesson I've learned before with other crop shirt + longer shirt combos, but apparently I didn't remember that.

Style Notes:
When I wore this sweater back on the first day of the challenge, I thought for sure there wasn't another way to wear it, but I was bound and determined to figure it out!  I tried a few different things, and ended up tying up the two corners of the wrap front up with a hair tie.  I tried first to tie it in an actual knot, but it was super bulky, so the hair tie kept things a little more manageable.  I'm not a huge brown person, but I kinda like the mix of black and brown here as well.  It's not a combo I usually do.


Michelle Morris said...

I had to see what this 10X10 thing was. I think I went through the entire blog and it's pretty cool to be able to see all the faces of Laura. Honestly I didn't recognize you in all the pictures. The best is the pumpkin hair color, that was priceless! Maybe we can have a sew date this summer, seeing how we didn't really get to sew when we met at Maddie's spot. -Michelle

McLaura said...

Michelle, thanks so much for looking through! I never know how many people are actually reading this thing, so it's fun to hear. :) That would be awesome to have a sew date - I really enjoy hanging out with my fellow sewists, and it's great to actually know some in the area!