Tuesday, January 24, 2017

10x10 Wrap Up!

As I mentioned in my day 9 post, I ran out of steam and ideas, and decided 9 days was enough.  Sure, I could have phoned it in and worn my basic uniform of black turtleneck and jeans (which strangely, I never did in the challenge), but I decided it was good enough.



In no particular order, here are some of my main take-aways from this experience:

1) While it's fun to "style" something, it's just not something I'm good at, and I typically over-do it when I try.  It's better to just go with my gut, and I'll end up more comfortable and with a look I'm happy with.

2) Taking number 1 a step further, I'm feeling sleek and simple these days, particularly when it comes to jewelry and accessories.  I planned on using scarves quite a bit, but not a single one made an appearance.

3) When it comes to sewing, I should focus on wearable items, rather than just the fancy fabrics that make me smile, but then I never wear.  Despite having more me-made items in my closet now than I ever have in the past, they just aren't very mix-and-match.  I have been working on being more intentional in planning, now I just need to follow through.

4) I was able to wear every item at least twice, in different ways, which I wasn't sure would happen.  I would like to focus more on making sure items are more versatile in my wardrobe, and plan out different ways to wear things.

5) It might just be a factor of only having skinny pants in my 10 items, but I was definitely tired of skinnies by the end of the two weeks!  While I love the idea of uniform dressing, and I do slightly do so currently (it's turtleneck season), I do like some variety in silhouettes.

That's about it for this girl in terms of the 10x10 challenge!  It was fun, but tough at times - I don't think I could do it much longer than that!

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