Wednesday, January 11, 2017

10x10 challenge - day 3

I've been operating a day behind on my 10x10 posts, so figured I would catch up today!  If nothing else, the challenge has been great for my blog posting. :)  I typically go into the office once or maybe twice a week, but the challenge has caught me on an office kick - I'm heading into the office three times this week, and two or three next week.  The weather is also on a bit of an upswing, with highs around 50 today, so I don't have to bundle up quite as much.  I took a little liberty today as well, of introducing an eleventh item into the mix, but it's basically outerwear.  I have several blazers, but since I don't go into the office much, I've been struggling to wear them lately.  I wanted to add them into my styling practice, and give me another option for office-appropriate wear.  I wore it as my jacket on my commute and have barely had it on in the office, so I guess it pretty much is outerwear for today!

Outfit Details:
Boden wool blazer (newish/online), Free People sleeveless tunic (new/thrifted), Uniqlo black skinny pants (new/in store), Born tall boots (old/online), J.Crew black cami (new/online)

Initial Thoughts:
I originally intended to wear this tunic with the cardigan from yesterday unbuttoned, but I wanted to dress things up a bit, and I'm glad I did.  The jacket isn't quite a perfect color match, but it helps ground the tunic and make it more formal looking, as well as cinch my waist a bit more.

The tunic is a different shape for me, as I've tried to do the gathered thing several times, and I never have been happy with it.  I think there is something about the looseness of it and the location of the waistline that I really like about this version, and I think I'm going to try to replicate it.  I also really like the fabric of the tunic.  I believe it's technically called a voile, which is a loose-weave, somewhat sheer fabric, which reminds me a bit of cheesecloth, but it's soft and breathable in an easy way.

Style Notes:
I've already discussed a bit the blazer over tunic look.  I actually hesitate whether this is a dress or a tunic, but it's somewhat sheerness leave me to place it in the tunic category, making pants appropriate (vs. tights).  I think I might actually shorten it a touch, as it has a raw hem to begin with, which I'm not a huge fan of, but that will make it more obvious it's not a dress.

I also added in some delicate gold jewelry, with a link necklace and large gold hoops.  I go through phases of chunky vs. delicate jewelry, but I'm pretty happy in the delicate camp right now.  I also am pretty neutral-toned I think, so I mix it up a bit between silver and gold.  I do tend to just stick to metals though, with not a lot of stones/color.  With all my weird color-matching tendencies, it just gets to be a bit too much to add color in the jewelry.

What do you think, is this outfit a keeper, or a bit crazy?  I'm leaning towards keeper, but it's definitely outside of my normal style.


STAshworth said...

I'm on Team Keeper, because - color! I'm a color junkie, and that jacket is one gorgeous color. You should wear it every chance you get.

McLaura said...

Thanks, Susan! I do love this jacket - I bought the same one in turquoise a few years ago, and when I saw they came out with this color this past fall, I had to have it!