Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Adventures in coffee-drinking

I'm a bit of a coffee snob, so I usually brew my own coffee and bring it into the office in the most amazing thermos ever.  Every now and then I get tired though, and stop on my way in to grab a cup of coffee.  Lately I've been going to a coffee shop/bank combo.  It's a little weird, but they have Peet's coffee, and it's tasty.  Unfortunately, a side effect of going to a bank to get your coffee means that it's closed on Veteran's day.  No biggie - there is an Au Bon Pain up the road, and I love their yellow cups.  I'm a sucker for plain graphic and clean packaging, it gets me every time. 

So for the next couple of blocks, I anticipated my fun yellow cup, and was happy.  But oh no, Au Bon Pain decided to mix things up a bit, and now I have a grey cup with white stars on it.  It's nice, but not the bolt of yellow I was hoping for.

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