Friday, November 21, 2014


Another me-made garment today!  I bought this fabric a while ago from Gorgeous Fabrics in both green and blue because I couldn't decide which I liked better, and I think they look really fun together.  I was inspired by Liza Jane's two versions of Tina Given's Jaqueline Crop Top, and thought it would be a great way to combine these two fabrics.

I modified the pattern slightly, based on Liza Jane's recommendations, by adding 3" to the front and 6" to the back, which just makes it have slightly more wearable proportions.  After I sewed it all together, I had some weird fit issues in the back, so I also took the sides in about 3" each, which helped, but it is still is a little off.  I shortened the sleeves to match the center seam as well.

Don't look too closely at the any of the hems though, because I had a really hard time with this silk.  The pattern calls for finishing the neckline with bias tape, which I attempted to make, but it kept getting sucked into the feed dogs, so I just gave up and serged the edge and then folded once, which ended up pretty puckery, as did the hem.  Oh well, I'm still learning. :)  I also think this will be the perfect Thanksgiving outfit - I have as much pie as I want and still be comfy!

I think the shoulders are too large maybe?  While it is supposed to be poofy, the fit of the back just looks off, I think.  It was even worse before I took in the sides.


Nancy Mcwethy said...


Nancy Mcwethy said...


Cheryl R said...

It's beautiful! (Found a link to your blog from Burda Style.) Now I'll h have top dog through my stash and see if I have some fabric that would do justice to this pattern.

Laura said...

Thanks so much, Cheryl! You'll have to share your version when you're done!