Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pants on Fire - 11/12/14

I'm a big fan of the sweater vest over another shirt, especially since my new office is super warm compared to my old office (it didn't take much, but still).  The few days I've worn sweaters I thought I was going to die.  And of course I can't not mention the bright red pants.  I've been wanting a pair for at least a year or two and have had a few failed attempts.  These I bought at a consignment store, and skinnified the legs.  I like the fit a lot better, but the hip area has stretched out as the day went on, and they are a little baggy.  I also didn't wear a belt, which might have helped.

I've also dialed back a bit on the make-up - this is about the minimum I like to wear.  It is just a tinted moisturizer and mascara.  I guess I'm craving simplicity lately, because it's also the second day in a row I've forgotten to put on jewelry.
What I wore:

  • white knit button-down
  • black/white floral tank
  • red trousers
  • black monk oxfords
Where I went:
  • work
How I felt:
  • something felt a little off - I think it feels like I'm mixing different seasons here.  I'm also wearing nude nylons for the first time in forever, which I'm normally not a fan of.
What would have made it better:
  • wearing a belt.  I also tucked in the shirt later in the day as I felt it was a bit sloppy.
  • I also still need to hem the pants a bit.  I'm not a fan of the ankle bunch look.
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