Thursday, November 20, 2014

Getting back to the light

If you were a reader of my other blog, you may remember the search for a dining room chandelier, and my love of the bird chandelier, but even though it's still available and $100 cheaper, John still can't get behind it.  Silly man.  Anyway, that search has sort of fallen by the wayside, along with a lot of the little details of putting together our house, but I ran across these amazing glass globe pendant lights, which are found in a really neat store, The Line, via Honestly WTF.  They are definitely out of my price range ($2110 each), and I really don't think I can learn how to glass blow to make them myself, so I may just be out of luck on this one.  Sigh...the search continues.

(photo: The Line)

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Laura said...

Yeah, it was really cool, but I just couldn't talk him into it. :) We did manage to find a light we both liked this past week though, so our final choice will be up on the blog soon!