Thursday, September 11, 2014

Getting there...9/11/14

I've broken my slump I think, and I feel much better about today's outfit.  Maybe I just need to suck it up and wear skirts every day, and that will make me feel more appropriately dressy.  Which is funny, because I'm wearing a t-shirt and a knit skirt.  I also broke out my boots for the first time this year, despite the forecast of 87 degrees for today.  It was cool this morning, and it's officially mid-September, whatever has to say about it.

What I wore:
  • white tee
  • navy/tan striped knit skirt
  • brown skinny belt
  • caramel heeled high boots
  • gold hoops
  • gold filigree pendant necklace
Where I went:
  • work
How I felt:
  • comfortable and stylish, dressy
What would have made it better:
  • I could have probably dressed it up even more with a different shirt, but I was happy overall.
  • 9

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