Friday, September 12, 2014

I Love a Good Striped Tee - 9/12/14

So despite having worked there for over a month now, today is my first Friday actually in the Philly office.  I hadn't asked anyone about casual Friday, so I figured I would just go a little more casual than normal and see what everyone else wore, as I had a suspicion it wasn't like the old office where everyone wore jeans on Friday.  I was right by the way.  Silly people.  Also, while my pants look grey for some reason, they are actually much more green in real life, which makes it a way more exciting outfit, in my opinion. :)

What I wore:
  • black/white striped 3/4-sleeve tee
  • green trousers
  • black/silver belt
  • black patent smoking slippers
  • black/silver watch
  • silver flat earrings
  • wide silver twist ring
Where I went:
  • work, dinner with family
How I felt:
  • Comfortable and french.  Stripes always make me feel french. :)
What would have made it better:
  • I would prefer a different neckline - in addition to wide necks, I'm also not a fan of crew-necks.
  • Someday, maybe they will invent no show socks that stay put and are comfortable.  Until then, I hate them.
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