Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Pedicure Time, Take 2 - 9/7/14

So it was a beautiful day on Sunday, so I actually managed to make it over to the nail salon to get my pedicure.  I did have to wear a pair of shorts I'm not crazy about, but it was worth it.  I'm a big fan of the lightweight button-down over shorts look, but not of the individual pieces here.


What I wore:
  • white sheer button-down
  • white cami
  • brown linen shorts
  • brown slip-on leather sandals
Where I went:
  • pedicure, neighbors' son's 1st birthday party
How I felt:
  • a little sloppy
What would have made it better:
  • I love the outfit concept, but the individual pieces aren't great.  The shorts are sloppy, due to the wrinklyness and the fit and the shirt is a tad too tight, so replacing them would be the fix.
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