Friday, September 26, 2014

Gearing up for fall

While my sewing studio needs a significant amount of work still (namely, John needs to build me a lot of furniture and do some electrical work), it's set up enough that I can finally get back into sewing.  I dove back into it yesterday with a super simple project, a tweedy wool vest for fall.  I'm terrible about both buying fabric and it sitting there for at least months, sometimes years before I sew anything with it, as well as I typically don't plan my sewing projects seasonally.  This time I was so on top of things, and sewed up a nice vest for fall with fabric I just got in the mail last week.

I based the vest on a Burda pattern:

It was fairly easy to figure out without actually buying the pattern, given its simplicity.  I did it that way both because I'm cheap, and don't want to spent the $6 on a pattern that is basically a rectangle, and also I'm lazy and don't want to spend as much time hooking up the printer, printing out a bazillion pieces of paper that I have to tape together and then cut out the pieces.

A few changes I made were accidentally leaving out a couple of darts at the neckline (I might add them back in at some point), and I left of the little sleeve binding things.  Because it's a lovely wool tweed, I just stay-stitches all of the edges and left them raw, which looks nice and is a super time-saver.  All in all, it took me about an hour to make it up.  Because my wool fabric is significantly bulkier than the satin the pattern calls for, it looked a bit like a poncho, especially from the back, so I made a belt as well.  This was also the most material-efficient garment I've ever made - I had one yard of fabric, and at the end I had about a 6"x12" piece and random trimmings left over.

Without further ado, I give you my new vest.



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