Thursday, October 9, 2014

Brighten Up A Bit - 10/6/14

Back to the daily grind, aka the office.  One of my staple outfits pretty much since I've been working has been black trousers with a sweater tee.  I think I still like it, but I'm not sure.  It's polished looking, but maybe a bit too basic for what I am looking for.  What do you think?

What I wore:
  • pink sweater tee
  • straight black trousers
  • black loafers
  • violet chunky necklace 
  • gold thick small hoops
Where I went:
  • work
How I felt:
  • basic, but polished
What would have made it better:
  • In addition to the sweater tee conundrum above, I also am not sure about the necklace.  I don't wear it a lot, mostly because it's a pretty specific color scheme, and I'm picky about matching, but I also tend to more pendant style necklaces.  Objectively I really like chunky big jewelry, but I'm not sure how I feel about it in action.
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STAshworth said...

The fuchsia is an excellent color on you. I like the necklace. I don't wear short necklaces often. They need to work specifically with the neckline of the garment. I think you're successful here.

I tend to wear long pendants. They work with a variety of necklines. And I'm tall. It's difficult to gauge your proportions from a photo.

McLaura said...

Thanks so much! I don't have a lot of this color in my wardrobe, but I've been trying to add it in more. I've never been good with colors, and someday want to have a professional figure out my colors. :)

I thought the necklace fit the shirt perfectly as well. I'm actually quite short (5'3"), and I tend to wear both short and long necklaces, just much more delicate.

Sarah said...

I like the chunky necklace, it works perfectly with that sweater neckline! (This may horrify you depending on what you mean by picky about matching, but I like unexpected color combinations so I would really dig seeing that necklace with an olive-green sweater.)

It looks like you have a nice outfit formula there, but if you want something a little less basic, how about switching out those black loafers for your shiny silver ones?

McLaura said...

Sarah, thanks so much! The olive pairing would be really pretty, but it is the sort of thing my matchy-matchiness says no to. I'm really trying to push myself out of that box though, and that's exactly the type of suggestion I need!

I am also working on incorporating my silver shoes more into my outfits, as I do think they give my basics a little kick. :)