Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Putting Together a Color Palette

As I've been slowly pulling together all of my thoughts about my wardrobe and where I want it to go, I've been trying to narrow down the colors in my wardrobe palette.  I love color, and I have no idea what looks good on me (one minute I think cool colors, the next I think warm colors, then bright colors, then muted...).  Certain colors have stood out over the years though, and certain colors I just love, so I've pulled together a somewhat more focused (although still every color of the rainbow) palette I'm going to work towards.  Here are some pictures that have colors that I just love:


You will notice there is no tan in there, despite the fact I've been wearing quite a bit of it lately.  While I still like it, and it definitely evokes fall to me, I think I'm going to limit it to small doses, since I just don't think my skin tone likes it.  The mustard yellow and to some extent the green below also fall in that camp, but I love them, so they stay.  I guess that means I'm cool-toned, but I love warm colors, so I'm resisting.  The sky blue is a color I'm wavering on a bit, but I really like how it goes with the other colors in the blanket photo above, so I think I might incorporate it, just to lighten things up a bit.

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