Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lesson Learned - 10/29/14

I've been focused lately on making my wardrobe more versatile, and coming up with new ways to wear some of my favorite pieces of clothing.  Today was a bit of a dud though, and I should have gone with one of my more successful pairings with this skirt, like this outfit or this one.

While this skirt is not too outrageous, I think that more stand-out type pieces shouldn't be worn that frequently (she's wearing that bright pink shirt again? she just wore it two days ago!), and therefore it's ok if there aren't as many items to pair with it.

What I wore:
  • oatmeal turtleneck
  • navy/tan striped knit skirt
  • caramel tall high heel boots
  • gold thick small hoops
  • gold filigree necklace 
Where I went:
  • work 
How I felt:
  • office-appropriate and feminine
What would have made it better:
  • I didn't like the oatmeal color with the skirt - I much preferred it when I wore bright white.  
  • I also only had dark brown tights, and they added to the color confusion (tan tights are on my shopping list).  
  • I thought it needed a little extra something this morning when I was getting dressed, so I put on the necklace, but I don't think it quite works.  I almost when with a much chunkier long gold necklace, and I think it would have worked better.
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