Thursday, October 30, 2014

My Love Affair with Real Estate

Our adventure in house-buying was a year long, involved so, so many weekend trips from DC to Philly, several houses that sold before we could put in an offer (the joy of long-distance house-hunting), 3 offers, 2 house inspections, and one purchase.  I had great fun (although I was super antsy at the end), but John was definitely ready for a break from my constant schemings and emailed links from Redfin.

I thought we were pretty settled until I happened to notice a house a couple of blocks down the street was a short sale for $80k (a really, really good deal in our neighborhood).  We actually started down the road of figuring out the details of flipping it, and it was actually seeming promising, but then, once again, it sold out from under us.  It got me thinking though, and now I have big plans for this building that I saw back when we first started looking in New Jersey:

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It's some kind of post-thing, and comes with a theater room and a bowling alley, and even two cannons - can I say how awesome an apartment building that could be?  I'm working on getting John on board, but unfortunately, I think this one is a bit out of our price range given that our nest egg got a hit when we, you know, bought a house two months ago.  In the meantime, I'm making all these cool plans in my head.  Anyone want to fund them? :)


Susan Ashworth said...

You have an active fantasy life, don't you? (smile)

Seriously, the building is way cool. I understand the temptation.

Laura said...

Haha - I always have had an active fantasy lif - it makes things fun! :)